Social Media

Social media has had an explosion in recent years with many organisation, groups and individuals using this medium to stay in contact with employees, customers, membersand potential customers. The keys to any successfull marketing campaign is to ensure your efforts are directed towards the consumers that are likely to buy your good or service, this is no different with Social Media.

One of the keys of a successfull Social Media campaign is to direct your resources towards a medium that is compatible with your business ideology. Another integral part of a successfull Social Media campaign is to ensure that the individual/s running your campaign have a clear understanding of your target audience, a clear understanding of your mission statement and most importantly an understanding of your brand and how to communicate to your customers.

Social Media is growing fast, going global and growing up

  • It’s growing fast: Two-thirds of the developed-world’s Internet population visit a social network or blogging site and the sector now accounts for almost 15% of all internet time. ‘Member communities’ (social networking and blogging) has overtaken personal Email to become the world’s fourth most popular online sector after search, portals and software applications. Time spent on social network and blogging sites is growing at over three times the rate of overall Internet-usage growth, and in most countries the percentage of Internet time spent on social networks has doubled.

  • It’s going global: ‘Member Communities’ has taken a foothold in every major market from 50% of the online population in Switzerland and Germany to 80% in Brazil. Facebook has become the largest player on the global stage, dominant in many countries, yet localized offerings have won the day in many others.

  • It’s growing up: Reflecting the other data we’ve seen here recently, Facebook’s greatest growth in global audience numbers as come from ages 35-49 and also enjoyed strong growth from the 50-64 segment.



Facebook was used for keeping tabs on friends, playing games and filling out quizzes — it now can be used as a highly effective business tool. It’s great for marketing your products and connecting with your staff and customers. We can help with setting up, administering and optimising your facebook account.

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A you know, companies already use twitter to promote, connect and brand a company. We can help you set an account, adminster an account, link it to your current or future site and optimise its results. If you or your company is not using twitter then your company is going to be left behind.

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If you provide B2B consulting, services or products, your options for social media are fairly limited, let’s be honest you probably won’t find many fans for your Facebook Legal Incorporation Services page. For these types of businesses, LinkedIn is a much better alternative.

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MySpace  allows you to create a web page promoting your business and get  connected with  the people , by simply sparing your time in promoting your products and making new customers for your products.

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Foursquare goes nuts in the states. However, after a slow start in Australia now seems to be catching up to the bigger guys. Its a great tool to encourage repeat customers which allows them to brag to their friends about where they have been while enjoying various loyalty programs.

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You Tube


The way your business can use You Tube to promote goods, services or yourself are only limited by what video footage you can capture.

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